The New Colour Range

To celebrate over 42 years of DDK, we would like to introduce the 42 new colours
of the 
DDK colour range.

That’s right! All these colours will now be available at our standard pricing!
The Accent colour range remains the same. 
Note that the five bright colours are only available in 18mm.
Due to changes in Laminex’ offering, we can no longer offer the following colours:
-Wild Birch
-Autumn Elm
Mushroom Linea
-Ash White
-Tawny Linewood
-Peruvian Clay
-Ebony Macassar
-Amari Oak
-Steel Blue
-Crown Beech – this has been replaced by Golden Beech
DDK Ghost Gum is now called Silver Ash.
Laminex have now introduced a new colour called Ghost Gum which is an off-white finishThis is not part of our range.

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